Shoe Spray

It's Tuesday and  I know that I am super late this month for the Tips and Tricks post. However, I'm back and I have a great trick that all you moms want to know about.

One day I walked in my daughter's room and could only smell feet. I was so over taken by the smelly feet smell. However, I knew that it wasn't her feet per se, so I turned around and in the corner was her shoes. I knew immediately that I was smelling "smelly shoes". My daughter is very active outside and is very athletic so her feet sweats in her shoes all the time.

Needless to say, I didn't have time to wash the tennis shoes at that moment and some of her dress shoes, well, can't be washed. So I recovered an old, empty Febreeze bottle, put some water in it and added Orange, Lemon, and Cedarwood essential oils. There was no thought process really, I just added which ever oils I could grab first. I immediately sprayed all her shoes and while I was at it, since the aroma was so nice, I sprayed carpet and bed sheets as well.  Anyway, until I got around to washing those shoes, it made for a great temporary aroma. 

You can play around with different oils. Just use what you have or what you like.  See you next time. 

Tanika HarperComment