Meet Harper's Naturals

Did you know that a few years ago I, the Founder, was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Sjogrens. Sjogren's dries up the mucus producing glands in the body. That is what makes Sjogren's different from other autoimmune diseases. It also causes inflammation in the body which leads to heightened pain along with some other side effects. I started out on medication, but the medication had more side effects than the disease itself and my body was not reacting to it well. So through research and consulting with my doctors, they advised that if I could eliminate chemicals on my skin through cosmetics, which is your everyday skincare routine in addition to makeup, that I could lessen the amount of inflammation in my body. This would then lessen the amount of pain that I was feeling every day.

So I sought out to just buy brands that said “natural and organic”. But, what I realized is that every product that said “natural and organic” was not really natural and organic. Companies would put natural ingredients in their product, but they would still have harmful ingredients that were not reacting well with with my body. After realizing this, I had to become a label reader. I realized very quickly that a lot of these products were not safe. So, I started making natural products in my kitchen that were rid of any toxic chemicals. Once I rid my body of the toxic chemicals and started using pure and clean ingredients, I started seeing an improvement in the way that I felt. So that's how Harper's Naturals begin to bloom.

I started giving the products away to family members and friends to let them try it and see that natural really is better. Some of them had eczema or dry skin, so when I started sharing some of my products with them, they started seeing positive results within days. My natural products, compared to these really expensive prescriptions that still weren’t giving them any positive results, gave them relief. As a matter fact, some of those prescriptions were causing their dry skin or eczema, for example, to be worse. After seeing results,  they started asking me for more products and I realized, well, I'm having to buy this stuff. So, you can buy it from me. At that time, it was a smaller scale, word-of-mouth kind of transaction. Little by little, word just kind of got out and people really started demanding my products. So I decided to start a business out of it, and that's how Harper's Naturals began!

Harper's Naturals is for anyone who desires to healthy skin. No matter where you are on your healthy journey, we have something for you.