Harper's Naturals Celebrates Women

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 Harper's Naturals: Female forward

Harper’s Naturals is a female-owned business, so we would be amiss if we did not highlight the importance of women in business.

A hero paves the way

Our fearless founder, Tanika Harper, is deeply influenced by the female entrepreneurs that have paved the way for women today. One woman in particular, Madame C.J. Walker, has been an icon for Tanika as she forges her way through the business world. Madame Walker was born into slavery. She started a skincare company, and with grit, grind, sacrifice, and odds stacked against her, she became one of the first African American millionaires in the business industry.

Forging the path for women

Madame Walker built the foundation for female entrepreneurship in America by promoting the roles of women in her business, donating to many charities, and investing in education for women and the black community. Tanika follows in her footsteps, dedicating much of her time, skills, and energy to supporting women in business and raising funds for The Roots Collective, a program supported through her non-profit organization, The Shora Foundation, that engages with and provides economic development for predominantly black female entrepreneurs.

Women Supporting Women

One female entrepreneur that The Roots Collective is proud to support is Fameika Elliot, of Meik Meals. Meik Meals is a food service and hospitality business that offers meal preparation for postpartum mothers, private dining, and catering. They specialize in serving individuals in Knoxville and surrounding areas while promoting a healthy lifestyle through clean, affordable, and flavorful meal preparation.

Celebrating success

With few resources for entrepreneurs in marginalized communities, seeing women like Fameika succeed and thrive in business is an affirmation of the work The Roots Collective is dedicated to. 


“To be a part of that journey, it brings me great joy. When one of us win, we all win,” 


Tanika said in an interview for Let Her Speak an organization founded by entrepreneur Catherine Cahill that is dedicated to uplifting the voices of women.

The advancement and empowerment of women in business in her local town of Knoxville has been fulfilling for Tanika. She enjoys collaborating and walking alongside women of all shades and ages and encourages other women to do the same. 


“Women are here. Women are running businesses. Women are thriving,” 


Tanika continued. Want to support women in business? Next time you set out to purchase a product or service, do your research, find a female-owned business or company, and buy from them. Everyone wins.

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