Why a Skincare Routine is Important?

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Having a morning skincare routine is just as important as night time cleansing.

When we sleep our body produces oil on the surface of our skin which causes clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and dead skin cells. If we don't take care it could lead to acne.

There are several reasons why we should start taking care of our skin at the very beginning of the day so we can remove the oil and dirt that our skin produces overnight. We should also consider the things that touch our skin that consist of germs and dirt.

Taking care of our skin starts right after we see the sunshine and ends when the sun sets. It is very important to be self-aware of the advantages of a morning skincare routine. So, when waking up in the morning make sure to wash your face quickly with warm water, and exfoliate by gently scrubbing every part of your face with a soft brush or exfoliating mitt followed by toning (if needed).

Having morning skincare removes dead skin cells which can lead to darker spots and skin irritation. 

We recommend washing your face with a gentle cleanser so that any dead skin cells are removed before applying any products. Also use a natural moisturizer, as this will help lock in hydration from the night before and boost your skin's ability to absorb any other products you may be using. Don't forget to always apply SPF--even when it's cloudy out!

Keep in mind that you only need a very small amount of product for it to be effective, especially when using all-natural products--always apply what's recommended for your skin type.

If you've been wearing makeup overnight or are dealing with acne breakouts, use an acne treatment or spot treatment before applying makeup so your skin always looks its best.

If you're not getting enough sleep and/or drinking enough water, it can make your skin look older than you are. It's important to cleanse your face at least twice a day, morning and night. This will help remove dirt, oil, makeup, and other things that can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

A simple morning routine could include the following tasks:

  • Wash your face with mild soap for at least sixty seconds
  • Pat your face dry. Try to avoid rubbing your face with towels or washcloths
  • Use rosewater toner to get any access dirt left behind
  • Use a moisturizer  that's not heavy and one that helps retain moisture in the skin
  • We also recommend doing a face mask at least once per week. 

As always, Harper's Naturals use non-toxic products that will help your skin be beautiful and glowing.

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