Why You Should Buy Black

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We often hear "Buy Black" or see hashtags that tell us to #buyblack or #shopblackowned.

Many of us get it; we understand the need and importance. Others, not so much. However, it is extremely detrimental and important to Black Owned Businesses that we intentionally support their brands.

For those wavering the fence and feel a tad bit uncomfortable supporting a business just because their Black, hopefully this blog post will ease your anxiousness and leave you feeling empowered to find the nearest Black businesses near you to support on a regular basis.

Help Close The Wealth Gap
The median wealth for white families is about twelve times that for African American families. Studies show that we can help close the wealth gap by developing and supporting Black owned businesses. By supporting Black businesses, we are helping them create opportunities for their families and communities.

It's important that money is recycled in and through the Black community. It would generate more wealth within the community pillars to establish a comradery sense for youth and adolescents.

Supporting Black Businesses Fosters Job Creation
Most people who own businesses typically hire people within a community in which their business is located. Many start-ups, especially those that are Black owned, rarely get to hire their first employee within the first five years. This is due to a lack of support for their product/service.

There is a perception that Black owned businesses do not provide quality products. Nothing is further from the truth. That is a stereotype that people need to put out of their heads. Support your local Black businesses so they can employ people in the communities in which we all live and breath.

Empower Local Communities
When you choose to support black-owned businesses, you’re supporting black pride, unity, and self-determination. While that may be intimidating to some, it would mean the world to many families and communities. (https://www.graygroupintl.com)

Throughout history, laws and systems have been created for African Americans to fail at every turn. Black people are fighting systems of oppression and often feel anxiety, frustration, and a lack of support when they are trying to build wealth and create opportunities within their community.

Your support can help establish a sense of belonging and foster confidence. So instead of supporting that national chain, look to shop local every chance you get.

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