Skincare for Black Women

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Why is melanated skin unique?

Melanin-rich skin is unique in many ways, and understanding its properties is crucial when it comes to choosing the right skincare routine. Melanin-rich skin has more melanin, a brown pigment that provides a natural barrier against the sun's ultraviolet rays. As a result, it is less prone to sunburn, skin cancer or premature aging caused by prolonged sun exposure.

However, women with melanin-rich skin can still experience hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone due to other factors such as hormones, genetics, and environmental factors. Dark skin is also prone to experiencing dryness and ashiness due to a slower rate of sebum production compared to lighter skin tones.

How to care for richly-melanated skin?

Beautiful, melanin-rich skin is a gift to behold. From golden-brown to deep ebony, dark skin tones come in many shades, and all of them are stunning. However, taking care of this delicate skin requires some extra attention and TLC to maintain its natural radiance.


The first step in caring for melanin-rich skin is cleansing. It is important to use a gentle cleanser that does not strip the skin of its natural oils. Over-drying can lead to ashiness and dullness, so finding a pH-balanced facial wash that suits your specific skin type is key. For an added boost, consider a double-cleansing routine with an oil-based cleanser that melts away makeup and impurities.

Sunscreen with SPF

Sun protection is also essential for melanin-rich skin. While it may seem like dark skin is not susceptible to sun damage, it is still important to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. This can help prevent dark spots, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. Choose a sunscreen that is specifically formulated for the face, as these are less likely to cause breakouts.


Moisturizing is another crucial step in a skincare routine for women with color. The key is to look for products that are rich in hydration and nutrients. Look for moisturizers that contain shea butter, jojoba oil or cocoa butter to nourish and soothe the skin. Don't be afraid to layer products for added moisture retention.


Exfoliation is also important for melanin-rich skin. This helps to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and stimulate cell turnover, all of which result in a brighter complexion. Opt for gentle exfoliants such as lactic acid or fruit enzymes, which won't cause irritation and redness.

Lastly, it is important to seek out products that cater specifically to the needs of women with color. This means looking for products that are free from harsh chemicals and are formulated to meet the unique needs of melanin-rich skin. Choosing products with natural and organic ingredients can also help maintain the skin's natural radiance like our Age Defy Serum, Carrot Seed Facial Hydrator, Shea Healing Butter and our African Black Soap.


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